Hemp and Arthritis

Arthritis affects billion of people around the world and is one of the top five most expensive joint disorders in adults. With a wide range of medications on the market, side effects and even ineffectual treatments are running patient’s hopes and wallets empty. CBD-rich Hemp Oil, as well as Hemp Seed Oil and other hemp nutrition products, have shown promise in targeting arthritis pain and inflammation, but how do they work? And what about CBDa? Why ist it 600x stronger than CBD?

Hemp CBD and Arthritis

Hemp oil, is packed with a beneficial cannabinoid called Cannabidiol, or CBD. This cannabinoid works directly with our internal Endocannabinoid System (ECS). More specifically, CBD interacts with two receptors in our ECS: CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found mainly in the brain and nervous system, and CB2 in the immune system and throughout the body. Cannabidiol, or CBD, regulates these receptors and allows for a balance in immune and inflammatory response, both of which play a key role in arthritis discomfort. Hemb CBD is a amazing natural remedy especially for Arthritis or any other inflamation.

There are different types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition of the joints that develops over time from increased impact and results in inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that causes the joint tissue to break itself down and create an inflammatory response.

Multiple studies on CBD and inflammation have been conducted on animals in 2006, 2008, and 2016, all showing great promise for its pain relief potential. Still, studies are lacking on larger groups of human patients. Some mild side effects have been revealed in research, including drowsiness, fatigue, and appetite changes. It should be said, however, that CBD has no overdose potential.

Cannabidiol’s effect on the immune system may also play a substantial role in potentially stopping and reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis and its resulting damage to the joints. It is clear to see how a cannabinoid that affects not only inflammation but also the immune system would be particularly beneficial for these debilitating conditions.

About Hemp Seed Oil

While CBD in hemp extract can be a widely utilized for pain relief, hemp seed oil also holds its own promise in this area. Hemp seed oil, and hemp seeds for the matter, are rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which have been proven to promote better joint mobility, and even strengthen immune response. One EFA found in hemp seeds and hemp products called Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) is extremely helpful in reducing joint pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Don’t ask for CBD. Demand for CBDa

Not all CBD is created equally.

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THC versus CBD

Cannabis has been in the headlines relentlessly, but not just because of its increasing legalization in states across the country and the federal legalization of marijuana in Canada.
This plant contains hundreds of compounds that have healing abilities for all sorts of different ailments, including those that cause debilitating pain.
More specifically, THC and CBD – the two most abundant cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant – are known to be able to alleviate pain, whether it’s from acute injuries, chronic overuse syndrome, arthritis, or any other medical issue.
But how exactly do THC and CBD differ from one another? Or are they the same when it comes to pain management?
What’s the Difference Between CBD and THC?
Different strains of cannabis have their own specific combinations and concentrations of cannabinoids that work in the body. When it comes to THC and CBD, their effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system is what marks the biggest difference between the two.
More specifically, THC is what gets users high because of its psychoactive properties. On the other hand, CBD has been shown to have similar health effects in the body without inducing any mind-altering effects1.

Both THC and CBD have therapeutic effects in the body thanks to how they interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Receptors associated with the ECS are located all over the body, and when either THC or CBD is introduced, they interact with the receptors in different ways.

The ECS is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body and plays a key role in various functions, including regulating pain. Both THC and CBD can influence the receptors of the ECS that, in turn, influence levels of pain felt at various sites in the body.

Cannabinoid receptors modulate pain thresholds and minimize inflammation in the body. When CBD and THC interact with these receptors, pain can be effectively minimized and even eliminated altogether, similar to the analgesic effects that traditional pain medications provide, but in a much different way.

However, while THC is able to alleviate pain, it also comes with a significant side effect that many users might not want: psychoactive effects.

Users who prefer not to experience any mind-altering effects when using cannabis-based cannabinoids to reduce pain may prefer to use CBD instead. That said, it’s a completely individual decision that ultimately comes down to what each particular user seeks for their pain.

There are plenty of studies out there that show that both CBD is able to effectively alleviate pain and inflammation. And as more clinical studies continue to be conducted in this realm, an increasing number of people are turning to cannabis for a safer and more natural way to combat their pain as opposed to reaching for OTC or prescription pain medication.

Learn more here Hemp and Arthritis this could be the solution to reduce pain and give you a better lifestyle.


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